Monday, September 17, 2007

Back into the swing of things

We haven't taken a picture this week yet, so here's one taken at Bowl-A-Rama this summer. I jokingly said that's what I would look like at Christmas. I think it may be sooner than that!

The best news of today is that I got an appointment with the #1 doctor on my list! He is the head of the OBGYN Division at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital. We'll see him on Sept. 28, then set up a tour of the birthing center at the hospital. I'm already feeling more at ease! My friend Melissa's doctor was out of town when her daughter was born last year, so this doctor ended up delivering her baby and she loooooved him. I am already happy with how the office staff handled my questions on the phone. So this is definitely a huge load off our minds.

Marcus is back at work full-swing. Today is going to be his longest day so far. He has auditions after his classes, so he probably won't be home until about 9 tonight. He is directing ALL IN THE TIMING, which will go up in November.

I'm keeping very busy around the house with day to day chores and the big purge! After a morning of laundry and errands, I'm taking a little break before starting another bag of clothes for Goodwill. I have accepted a gig in early October stage managing a workshop of a new musical. It's just a week, so that will be a fun reprieve from housework.

We went down to DC this weekend and did a little inventory of the great stuff Mirka and Mike will be giving us. We're going to be in good shape! Since we're staying in our apartment, we're going to start out with just the bassinette, then move onto the crib when we move onto a bigger place. This will allow for gender-specific bedding. :)

On a sappy note, I have grown even more attached to the baby this week. I love having him/her with me all the time. And this is one active baby! I'm getting kicked almost constantly now.

Ok, the time has come to purge another drawer. Wish me luck!

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