Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tech Triumphs

On Sunday night, Marcus, Kitty and I went to see MEN OF STEEL, the latest production by Vampire Cowboys Theatre Co. Our dear friend Qui is the co-artistic director and resident playwright for the company. Our friend Jeremy is in the cast of this particular show. Qui, Jeremy and I (Jen) met at freshman orientation at Louisiana Tech in the summer of 1995. Qui and I proceeded to have the exact same class schedule until the end of our junior year at Tech. Jeremy and I performed in each other's one-act plays. We all had lots and lots of fun working, playing, laughing, crying, rejoicing and learning together over our 4 years at Tech. Qui is one of those people who, once he figured out what he wanted to do with his life, went after it with a ferocity that can only be described as amazing. Jeremy is the funniest human being I've ever met, possibly one of the funniest people alive. He's a gifted performer with incredible comic timing. It was so good to see this piece of theatre, conceived by Qui, containg so much of his humor, his mind, his soul, and featuring Jeremy, giving it his all and celebrating a glorious return to the stage after a too-long break from theatre. I am so proud to know them. I am so proud of their work. Who would have thought waaay back in '95 that this is where we'd all end up 12 years later? They are truly triumphs.

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Qui said...

You make me proud, Jen. This post really warmed my heart. I love ya.